Trespassing on the Golf Course

01 Nov 2019 10:39 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Trespassing on the Golf Course
We unfortunately still have some residents walking the golf course trails outside the approved hours of 8pm – 8am.  In addition, there are still some residents practicing on the golf course without paying for a round.  Just this week, a person was practicing chipping on #15 from the fairway, and taking divots.  A golf course employee spoke to the gentleman and advised he was trespassing. The resident is said to have made a remark like “it’s OK, I live just over there.” 
It is never OK for any resident to practice or play golf on the course without paying up front.  Good etiquette calls for limiting damage to the course as much as possible as well.  It is also never OK to walk the golf course without first signing a liability waiver at the clubhouse, and then keeping any walking to between the allowed hours of 8pm – 8am. 

The employees of IGC are understandably upset about continued resident trespassing.  If the problem continues, all access will be restricted to paying players only.

If you have a neighbor who violates golf course usage rules, please advise them of the policy in place and advise them of the ramifications of their actions to the many rule-abiding residents who walk the golf course trails.  If you are uneasy about speaking to a community member about this, please report the person and the date, time, and circumstances of the violation to Maria Durbin at  

Attached is the Independence Golf Course Liability Waiver in the event you would like to walk on the Golf Course outside of operating hours.

Release of Liability for Cart Path

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